AnQi Yu

Artistic Director

AnQi Yu (she/her) is a filmmaker, theatermaker, and writer who grew up in Grand Junction and recently received her B.A. from Stanford University. She started Junktown Cinema Club after spending her high school years wishing there were more communities in the Grand Valley for watching and making indie film. When she’s not thinking about art, you can find her attempting to follow a regular running routine, learning how to garden, and Googling questions like, “Do fish ever go to sleep?” (Answer: Sort of.)

Juliá Perez-Chavez

Programming Team

Juliá Perez-Chavez (she/her) was born in East Los Angeles, CA, and has been living in Grand Junction, CO for 15 years. She attended CMU for a year and shortly transferred to Los Angeles, CA, and graduated with a BFA in Cinema and Television Directing from Columbia College Hollywood in 2020.

Juliá is a Filmmaker that Directs, Produces, and edits all her videography work. She uses her art to tell stories, capture memories, and help voices be heard. Juliá has worked on Artistic and creative short films, created videos for the Mesa County Public Health office reaching out to the Hispanic and Latinx community; she has filmed a Campaign video for a District Representative, worked with an Outreach program sharing their voices through video. As a fan of telling real-life stories, she was able to create a documentary with her family and a Music Video with an Artist friend over the last year.

Hannah Olsson

Programming Team

Hannah Olsson (she/her) holds a double BA in Cinema and Creative Writing English from the University of Iowa, and is the current Managing Editor for Sundress Publication’s 2022 Craft Chaps Series. During her time in Iowa, Hannah was the president of The Translate Iowa Project, an organization devoted to publishing translated poetry, drama, and prose. Her work, both in English and Swedish, has been featured in boundless, earthwords magazine, InkLit Mag, and the University of Iowa’s Ten-Minute Play Festival, among others. Hannah enjoys works that tell stories of ordinary, distorted wonders. As part of the Junktown Cinema Club, she looks forward to present— as well as discover— artwork from her hometown of Grand Junction: the atmosphere which encouraged her to pursue the cinematic arts in the first place.

Chantae Bryant

Programming Team

Chantae Bryant (she/her) holds a B.A. in English with a minor in Mass Communication from Colorado Mesa University. She’s a writer who believes in the transformative power of storytelling. In her free time, you can find her wandering the isles of a local bookstore or watching one of her many comfort movies. She is excited to be a part of an organization to help bring film and art to the Grand Valley.

Tanner Stelmach

Programming Team

Tanner Stelmach (he/him) is from Grand Junction and got his bachelors in chemical engineering. He now works for a National lab in Washington DC studying the long term impacts of climate change. Tanner believes in the power of film to tell meaningful stories as well as to build relationships and community across a variety of backgrounds. He frequently watches movies on his free time and fan boys about them with his friends.

Nova Yu

Social Media

Nova Yu (she/her) is currently a student at Colorado College located in Colorado Springs, pursuing a major in Economics and a minor in the Chinese language. Growing up in Grand Junction, CO is where Nova found her passion for social media and graphic design. Nova currently works at the Colorado College Career Center as a graphic designer, curating posts for Instagram. In addition, she also has experience working with social media management at the Palisade Peach Shack in Palisade, Colorado.

Starr Jiang

Graphic Designer

Starr Jiang (she/her) is a designer, director, and multidisciplinary artist from the Bay Area. Her work is a living exploration of unsung diasporas and queer liberations.

Starr has designed, directed, and taught for theater companies including Asian American Theater Project, Shotgun Players, and TheatreWorks. She previously served as the Executive Producer of Asian American Theater Project, an Asian American activist theater company founded by David Henry Hwang in 1978. Starr has also worked closely with JUST ART, an artist/activist collective based in Palo Alto.

Outside of theater, Starr is interested in the intersections of design, technology, and mental health. She currently is a designer at COMPASS Pathways, where she is creating technology that supports patients with treatment-resistant depression.